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Treatment of natural stone

We are now able to solve some typical problems of natural stone laying such as: cleanliness, protection, consolidation and superficial finishing.

With this new product line, Odorizzi solves certain typical problems encountered laying natural stone, such as cleaning, safety, consolidation and finishing of the surfaces.

That's why these new products have been developed in collaboration with a major chemical company. There are many types of natural stones on the market and new ones are constantly appearing: from the classics such as marble, granite, porphyry, basalt and the more local sandstone, piasentina, gneiss, luserna, etc. Odorizzi has developed a new range of products keeping in mind the specificities of use, facilitating the choice of treatment and allowing a choice of surface finish (polished or unpolished), as well as considering where they are to be used (interiors or external areas). It is thus possible to quickly determine what to recommend by understanding the products described in this catalogue.

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Antidust hardening for light colored stones


Protecting with an antique effect


Hygro-hardening for porous stones

loppiano cleanstone

Acid cleansing for opaque natural stone


Antispot protecting for absorbing natural stones