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The extraordinary beauty of natural stone stands out anywhere. Odorizzi, which has its own porphyry quaries and the best stone in the world, is the ideal partner to supply you with a wide range of innovative solutions for the different technical and aesthetic requirements related to external and interior areas.

The  stone surface creates natural and extremely original designs and give each project inimitable aesthetic and functionl characteristics.

Check out the different natural stones that we carry and the different colors available.

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Porphyry is a passion, a material that comes intact from the nature, more specifically from the mountains. Embracing this passion means rediscovering the taste for unique, particular, inimitable, Porphyry makes possible – through its wide-ranging products (cobbles, crazy paving, tiles, cladding, staircases…) and finishing details – for highest level of creativity and design freedom.

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ALPS STONES & LANDSCAPING team applies as ideal partner in landscaping world, to most relevant designers and international contractors, for designing and realization of modern and sophisticated outdoor areas.

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Porphyry is the stone used for porphyry squares and Trentinian porphyry paving.

Odorizzi Porfidi looks after you: from extraction to laying.

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To better satisfy the needs of its customers, since 1990 Odorizzi has also been selling granite, Quartz-sandstone, basalt, quartzite, slate and sandstone products. This exceptional variety has...

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A product which exists in nature without the need for further processing. The river pebble has an almost round shape which makes it immediately usable by appropriately selecting sizes. Simple, but...

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Pre-assembled products are used to provide elements for easy stone laying to simplify the completion and finishing of both residential and public works. Odorizzi offers different solutions for both... More
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The lightest and most flexible stone available on the market. This product consists of a thin layer of authentic natural stone on fibre glass, which gives the finished product elasticity and... More
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Stone Evolution offers high quality products and qualified technical assistance. The main objective is to satisfy customer needs.