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Basalt is an effusive rock of volcanic origin, the result of lava flows from the lithosphere. The pressure reduction and the rapid cooling in contact with the Earth's atmosphere stopped the process of crystallization, giving this stone a very compact structure with a dark or black microcrystalline paste with a relatively low silica content. The dark colour is derived from the characteristics of the ultrabasic magma from which it originated. Basalt consists mainly of iron and magnesium silicates, calcic plagioclase and pyroxene.

Basalt has excellent technical characteristics not subject to alteration, a high degree of compactness with excellent resistance to mechanical stresses and shocks, low freezing and high slip resistance. The stone lends itself well to hammered, flamed, in pointed honed or polished finishes, and it can be used for all applications from external and interior paving to coverings even in cold and damp climates and those with significant temperature variations.

Despite having visual characteristics very similar to volcanic rocks typically used in the building trade in Central and Southern Italy, the basalt marketed by Odorizzi Porifdi stands out for its compactness and it considerable weight that allows the use of smaller thickness than those needed for the lava stones, and for its lesser degree of degradation.

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