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Bright and variegated colours such as mixed red Magellano® and red Siena Rose®, or the more sober and homogenous stone such as mixed Selce® (Flint), or grey Plata®, make Porfiris® porphyry the perfect product for those who want to give way to their imagination. Used individually or mixed together, Porfiris® natural surface products are extracted from deposits in Patagonia owned by the Odorizzi Group. They express a sense of uniqueness even in the most common solutions, but without ever being excessive.

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The Silver Greyporphyry is distinguishable from its elegant grey nuance, used alone or combined with other colours from the Porfiris® line thanks to its neutrality enables full freedom.


The emotions given by colours Natural stone, and in particular porfiris® Magellano Mixed Red is not uniform. The slightest irregularities or different colour tones are the result of an age-old...

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The Mixed Selce porphyry is distinguishable from its delicate grey lilac nuance, used individually or combined with other colours from the Porfiris® line, it gives full liberty to the creative... More
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The “fiery” Red Siene Rose, used individually or mixed with other colours from the Porfiris® line, permits to express a sense of exceptionality, even in the most common solutions,... More
The Porfiris® colours mixed together create exclusive mixings. More