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Bedding and bonding

Grouting and fixing are the main factors on which the superficial movements of natural stone flooring depend. Odorizzi pays attention to the products to use, to dimensions, fixing materials and additives. Grouting and fixing are important, as they represent the paving point of departure.

Bedding and bonding are the main factors surface movements of natural stone paving depend on. Odorizzi is particularly attentive to the type of products, sizes and adhesive materials or additives to be used. Bedding and bonding are important because they are (in addition to the substrate) the starting point for paving. With this product line, Odorizzi pays much attention to impact on the environment, the importance of obtaining surfaces with drainage or that are impermeable , resistance and ease of use and last but not least, the elasticity of the products. It is obvious that they must be used depending on the type of sizes and thicknesses used when carrying out works (for example, some products lend themselves to formats like insets, flagstones and cubes, others for other tiles, and others for all kinds of sizes and thicknesses). With these products the problems that are often encountered with stone paving, such as surface cracks, detachment of artifacts from the supports, and many others, are minimised.

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One-pack C2 T and S2 class glue


Two-pack R2 T S2 class glue


Anti-shrinkage, high resistance quick setting mortar


3/6 Porphyry washed chipping