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Sandstone is a rock of sedimentary origin composed of granules the size of sand. The granules may have different compositions, depending on the area of origin. Among the grains that are more resistant to abrasion, which include quartz, because of its resistance, it is one of the most common constituents of these rocks. The granules are linked together by a cement that is commonly calcium carbonate, silica or iron oxide. The material which is usually located between the granules is called matrix, when however, this material is crystallized it takes the name of cement.

In general, sandstone has specifications that are subject to alteration, a fair degree of firmness and resistance to mechanical stresses and shocks and high slip resistance.

This stone is suitable for external applications, mainly for paving. It is not recommended in climates with temperatures below 0 °C.

The sandstone marketed by Odorizzi of Porfi contains a rather high percentage of iron. This feature produces the yellowing of the stone even a short time after laying. For this reason it is best used for stone work and restoration in areas where this effect is appreciated and sought.

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