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The wide variety of porphyry and natural stones requires a careful selection of the right combination of material, product and color.

The decisive parameter is the intended use, that can be summarized by three environmental situations: urban areas and roads, residential and commercial exteriors, interior design and ventilated walls.

Designing correctly means exploiting the potential of different solutions in the best possible way, in relation to the different areas that need to be completed, and therefore proposing stones for with articulated expressive and aesthetic potential for architecturally prestigious places. Instead, for areas subject to extensive use, products are chosen that have very high performance and technical characteristics.

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The paving of a square or a roadway has many values from an urban point of view: in fact, these are the places where all the basic functions of a city come together. The stone used to cover these...

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In residential areas (condominium roads, parking lots, courtyards) the main aspect the paving must satisfy is an aesthetic one, where attention to detail is very important, paved surfaces play an...

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Sweet house paving and stairs

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Uses of Italian Porphyry for Parks and Green Areas


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