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Granite, which is well known for its resistance to compression, frost and chemical attack, is an intrusive rock with a granular structure composed of quartz, feldspar and other minerals has always been used in works such as roadway paving, pavements, squares, as well as urban areas. Granite is excellent for outdoor applications with hammered and flamed finishes, and the products used are mainly tiles, kerbs, cubes, channels to collect water, as well as bollards, benches and fountains for urban furnishing. It is also recommended in combination with other natural stones to create colour contrasts.

The advantage of Gea's ® granite in different colours, which has been marketed for over twenty years by the Odorizzi Group, lies in its quality which passes strict controls from their origin to delivery. It contains a very low percentage of iron, thus ensuring a longer duration over time of its original colouration, avoiding the formation of rust stains that make surfaces unattractive.

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