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Solidstone is the ideal solution when you want to harden “soft” and dust giving stones. It also provides soft stones with oilproofing and abrasive resistance characteristics. It is a solution of poliuretanic resins that does not turn yellow and that hardens once in touch with humidity. Being very fluid and penetrating it can also be used on stones with little porosity.


  • Excellent penetrating power with a vanishing effect.
  • It hardens very quickly even when temperature is low (up to 3° C).
  • It provides stone with immediate hardening, abrasive resistance, water, solvent.
  • Alkali and chemical agents resistance.
  • It does not turn yellow.

Clean the surface with Cleanstone or other cleansing products. Rinse carefully and dry excess water. After 1-2 days apply Solidstone with painting roll or brush smoothly. You can apply it more than once without letting too much time passing in-between coats (1 hour max). If you apply it vertically proceed with 0.15-0.2 kg/m2 and let it evaporate between the different coats.

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Description: Stainproof and acidproof invisible waterproofer for natural stone
Description: Aestethic waterproof treatment, transpiring and for matt rough surface natural stone
Description: Acid cleanser for non polished natural stone
Description: Dry aestethic polishing protective treatment for indoor installation
Description: Dry aestethic semi-polishing protective treatment for indoor installation
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