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The Trentino porphyry is a natural, resistant and versatile stone. Cubes, irregular slabs and tiles are perfect for square and courtyard paving, as well as for interior design.
Natural stones from all over the world: marble, granite, quartz sandstone, basalt, quartz, slate, sandstone and Lucerne stone.
Ideal partner in landscaping world, to most relevant designers and international contractors, for designing and realization of modern and sophisticated outdoor areas
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Innovation of the laying process: Stone Evolution, the product line created for the bedding, the sealing and the treatment of natural stone.
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Odorizzi Soluzioni in pietra company, had the honour of being chosen by supply and installation of all the porphyry floors in this magnificent work.
The design includes installation of Trentino Porphyry cobbles in overlapping arches,
set in Delgorsa® natural surface tiles, which define the perimeter and the geometric module with columns.

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Porphyry is a passion, a material that comes intact from the nature, more specifically from the mountains. Embracing this passion means rediscovering the taste for unique, particular, inimitable, Porphyry makes possible – through its wide-ranging products (cobbles, crazy paving, tiles, cladding, staircases…) and finishing details – for highest level of creativity and design freedom.

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ALPS STONES® is our complete range of natural stones, being originated in the Alps area: Porphyry, Luserna, Granite and Gneiss stones.

Odorizzi soluzioni in pietra has always been acting as ideal partner for landscaping operators, both in design and realization of modern and fine areas ( also when “turn key” projects are required ) both in indoor and outdoor locations.

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Odorizzi Soluzioni in pietra srl is the trading company of Odorizzi Group, the world leader in porphyry production, manufacturing and trading.

Perfect interlocutor for private citizens, companies, public authorities and designers, qualified in providing “turn key” solutions for projecting with supply and laying of natural stones, we are inspired by one true passion: the beauty and the naturalness for the future of the landscape that surrounds us.

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Public spaces
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Outdoor paving, gardening, stairs
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House and stairs
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Tiles with natural surface, split edges, in porfido

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Porphyry Delgorsa® - Tiles and filetti natural surface and sawn edges .
Porphyry Camparta® - Flamed curved massive steps.

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