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Porfiris® Grigio Plata

The Silver Greyporphyry is distinguishable from its elegant grey nuance, used alone or combined with other colours from the Porfiris® line thanks to its neutrality enables full freedom.

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Cubes are pavement elements that are almost of a cubic shape obtained by mechanical splitting. The product therefore has natural surfaces or with slits (depending on the material) and split sides....

PORFIRIS cordoni

The paving stones, with a parallelepiped shape, have a surface that is natural with parallel and split edges, orthogonal to the plane or slightly in acute angle.  

piastrelle PORFIRIS 14

The paving stones with natural surface, coming from the squaring of the slabs extracted from the quarry, are finished or obtained through mechanical compression (blanking), creating this way split edges in planar or slightly acute angle, or through the sawing with diamond discs, generating square and regular edges.

mosaico PORFIRIS 2

What is normally meant by Palladian is Porfiris® irregular slabs coming directly from the selection of quarry material.

DSC08275 dietro small

Sono prodotti con lati a vista tranciati, ideali per il rivestimento di muri e facciate e per la pavimentazione di superfici in forte pendenza.

BANCApopolareLODI 5

Porfiris®  natural surface steps, sills and covers can have split or sawn sides.

DELGORSA zoccoli battiscopa 2
Alzate, zoccolini a superficie naturale Porfiris®. More