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ALPS STONES & LANDSCAPING team applies as ideal partner in landscaping world, to most relevant designers and international contractors, for designing and realization of modern and sophisticated outdoor areas.

Firstly, noble raw materials  - the Alps gave us – which perfectly suit exterior and interior spaces employment, featured by great durability and versatility : Porphyry, Luserna stones, Granits, Gneiss stones, etc.. - all, both in natural and flamed surface – rustic and modern, to combine with any architectural style.

...And than experience, professionalism and know-how, gained by every single member in his own stone and environmental branch, with the goal of offering the best design ever, “made in Italy” is able to propose.

A team, made up of specialists in design, production and outdoor spaces realization, all sharing a unique and real passion: beauty and “nature-minded” approach, for the future of landscape surrounding us.

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Medium-grain magma rock with a whitish background color shaded by dark elements and white to grey coloured crystals. The rock has a compact appearance and no irregularities.This material, in...

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A metamorphic rock of heterogeneous shaly grain with a whitish background, dotted with darker coloured elements.With characteristics similar to Serizzo and a lamellar structure. Despite this, Beola...

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Dark-colored metamorphic rock consisting of greyish white patches. The texture is characterised by planes of close schistosity with millimetric spacing linked to planar anisotropy of the...

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A metamorphic rock of heterogeneous shale-type grain with a greyish off-white background, dotted with darker coloured elements.With characteristics similar to Serizzo and a lamellar structure.... More
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Petrographic name: Ortogneiss Lastroide Luserna stone is a stone gneiss, a brilliant material, resistant to weather and abrasion. It has unparalleled strength although it is thinner and it is used...

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The serizzi or sarizzi are part of the gneiss, metamorphic rocks of a light grey colour, with a very strong foliation, and which are typical of the Southern Alps. They can be found in Ossola and...


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