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A product which exists in nature without the need for further processing. The river pebble has an almost round shape which makes it immediately usable by appropriately selecting sizes. Simple, but effective, the pebble is one of the elements for urban and private sector furnishing that is suitable to give a touch of "charm" to flooring. Rounded by the thrust of water over centuries, this type of stone adapts to different solutions that are not only "ancillary". In order to meet the needs of customers and to inspire the creation of alternative solutions, Odorizzi Porfidi produces and sells pebbles of various rocks.

The cobbled pavement which in past centuries was able to change the look of historic centres ,roads and streets in many European cities, is seeing a phase of undeniable and dutiful recovery. Used in its traditional applications or in combination with other materials that facilitate pedestrian and modern vehicular transiting, or simply to enhance the transition to a historical area, as well as with other prestigious aesthetic solutions, the cobblestone is increasingly being used in the design of multifunctional green spaces.

This type of paving has the advantage of "letting the ground breathe" through the spaces between pebbles; pebbles can also be adapted very easily to the irregularity of the ground. If cut in two, pebbles can be used to improve tread on the ground and as a covering for vertical surfaces.

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From the Camparta quarry, the ancient bed of the river Avisio, the pebbles are made of porphyry, whose mixed colour ensures a truly outstanding look, and whose size is perfect for any use. More
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Camparta from the quarry, the ancient bed of the river Avisio, the pebbles are made of porphyry, which provides a mixed colour with a truly outstanding appearance and whose size is perfect for any... More
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The ornamental pebbles stand out because of a streak with a yellow / orange colour that gives a high impact colour effect to the embellishment of flower beds, planters, roundabouts, etc. More
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White marble pebbles ensure a rather uniform white which is ideal for high quality aesthetic solutions. More
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Pebbles from the Ticino, on the fold of the river, have a variety of colours of a certain type, while maintaining a mostly clear tonality. More
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Technical data sheets regarding the Meano (TN) crushing plant are available in the reserved area. Register on the website and access the reserved area for technical data sheets More

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