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To better satisfy the needs of its customers, since 1990 Odorizzi has also been selling granite, Quartz-sandstone, basalt, quartzite, slate and sandstone products.

This exceptional variety has been appreciated by the best architects, such as Renzo Top, Mario Botta, Herzog & Meuron, who have chosen Odorizzi Natural stone products for their projects.

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Granite, which is well known for its resistance to compression, frost and chemical attack, is an intrusive rock with a granular structure composed of quartz, feldspar and other minerals has always...

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Basalt is an effusive rock of volcanic origin, the result of lava flows from the lithosphere. The pressure reduction and the rapid cooling in contact with the Earth's atmosphere stopped the process...

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The quartz sandstone marketed by Odorizzi has high quality standards, both in terms of the beauty of the natural surface, and in terms of refinement. The excellent technical features, a high...

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Slate is a metamorphic rock, belonging to the family of phyllites. It has a medium-fine grain, with a very lively and clear shine. The term slate is derived from an ancient French word "slate" (XII... More
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Precious reflections, warm tones A perfect natural surface, exotic colours with silver highlights that are really exciting. Gaea's ® quartzite is the most elegant natural stone, especially for... More
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Sandstone is a rock of sedimentary origin composed of granules the size of sand. The granules may have different compositions, depending on the area of origin. Among the grains that are more...

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Marble is a metamorphic, sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate. The colour of marble depends on the presence of mineral impurities (clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, nodules of...

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Trani stone is a fine-grained limestone that is beige in colour with brown streaks. It is extracted from stone blocks and is therefore ideal for processed products but, the rind of the blocks is... More