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White Beola

A metamorphic rock of heterogeneous shaly grain with a whitish background, dotted with darker coloured elements.
With characteristics similar to Serizzo and a lamellar structure. Despite this, Beola is able to maintain its mechanical physical properties, including its high resistance to atmospheric agents. It stands out for its aesthetic value and for its light reflection effects. The shot or brushed surface enhances the qualities of an extremely elegant and refined material. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The machined surface, obtained from blocks, has a uniform thickness. The skirting is used as a complementary finish for exterior floors and staircases. Similarly, as a skirting board, it is used... More
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Risers, being sawn from blocks, can have the surface and any heads that are visible shotblasted and brushed. An integral part of steps, the risers serve to cover the vertical part. Normally risers... More
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These products have a uniform thickness. Their surface is machined by shotblasting and brushing, depending on the desired final effect. Sawn edges can be treated with the same machining of the... More
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Machined surface tiles are made by cutting blocks and have regular thicknesses and dimensions. The sides are sawn and the surface is machined by blasting and brushing. Onsernone tiles, thanks to... More

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