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D'Avis Camparta

Trentinian Red Porphyry

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Passion for red gold porphyry

Trentinian Red Porphyry is appreciated all over the world for its red gold colour, extracted from the quarry that bears the same name.


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The D'Avis Camparta porphyry cube is the most eclectic and adaptable stone product, which is why it is the most used material for urban paving, whether for pedestrian or traffic use, for squares or...

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D'Avis Camparta paving blocks are particularly recommended for residential housing, being an extremely versatile product used both for the containment and the delimitation of paving and for the...

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The quality of materials has always been an Integral Part of the design process, and D'Avis Camparta porphyry natural surface tiles are particularly suitable for urban settings where quality is...

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What is normally meant by mosaic or Palladian are irregular slabs (opus incertum) directly selected from quarry material. Despite being a material which allows low cost application solutions,...

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D'Avis Camparta Trentinian porphyry kerbs are particularly used in urban and residential environments on pavements, steps and flower beds, as well as to delimit surfaces and paving. The various...

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These include D'Avis Camparta ®products, such as access kerbing, channels and drain covers.

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Obtained from the blanking of the tiles, the Camparta smollero is principally used for the paving of steep slope surfaces, like access ramps to garages. Moreover, thanks to its irregular surface,...

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D'Avis Camparta® steps, sills and covers  can have a natural surface if they are obtained from quarry slabs of various thicknesses, and dimensions and a machined surface, when sawn from a block.
Solid steps are steps formed from a full-thickness single piece. They can be in natural surface if they are obtained from quarry slabs of large thickness, or processed , if sawn from a block.

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These articles may have a natural surface if obtained from top quarry slabs of various thicknesses and sizes and surface processed, if sawn from a block. Products can be completed with the addition... More