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Argentinean Porphyry

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Porfiris® the emotion of colour

The porphyry Porfiris® extracted from our deposit in Patagonia, South Argentina, is characterised by bright and marbled colours: for the finished surfaces, they go from grey (Pearl, Light Pearl, Alps), to Ancient Pink and Red Dolomites; for the natural surfaces, the bright colours vary from Silver Grey to Mixed Selce and from Red Siene Rose to Mixed Red Magellano. It can be used for any indoor and outdoor application, from tiling to covering, including in cold and humid weathers and with high temperature fluctuations. It is also recommended to create chromatic contrasts by combining it with other natural stones. The risers with natural surface are obtained from thin slabs from the quarry.

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Bright and variegated colours such as mixed red Magellano® and red Siena Rose®, or the more sober and homogenous stone such as mixed Selce® (Flint), or grey Plata®, make...

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In addition to the various split products, Porfiris ® also offers blocks from which it is possible to pattern obtain slabs to be processed, even in large sizes. Porfiris ® lends itself well...