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Rapidflex is a glue for natural stone. It is made up of two components to be mixed before proceeding to have the ideal, frost-resistant glue for both interior and exterior paving, also over pre-existing floors. It is specifically designed for fixing over liquid sheathing and thus being so flexible and adhesive that it is the ideal solution for all those situation where fixing can be difficult (non-absorbing tiles, floor heating, cellular or precast concrete).


  • Universal application.
  • Ideal for external areas and swimming pools.
  • Frost-resistant
  • Can be laid on pre-existing paving
  • Excellent bond and flexibility.
  • Allows fixing also with low temperatures (5-10 ° C).

Accurately clean the base from any trace of oil, fat, paint or foreign items. Shake the B component can, pour it, add the A component and mix slowly until it turns into a smooth mixture. Apply a thin and homogeneous layer of glue on the surface in order to obtain an uniform absorption and to exploit all the setting time. Proceed with the tiles installation and press to favour the contact with the glue. For big-sized tiles, double spread for external installation to avoid frost consequences.

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Description: Two-pack c2 F S1 class quick setting glue for indoor and outdoor
Description: High perfomances two-pack c2 F E S1 class grey glue for high thicknesses
Description: One-pack C2 T E S1 grey glue for indoor and outdoor
Description: 0,1/0,5 quarz sand
Description: Porphyry 4/8 aggregate
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