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Processed products for the building trade

This product category groups together semi-processed products (rough stone disk slabs, rough stone disk strips) ready for complex transformations (kitchen tops, bathroom tops, parts of monuments, etc.) and complex processed products aimed at the completion of parts of buildings such as stairs, boundary walls, entrances, facades ventilated elements and covering. The products are available in different surface finishes: honed, polished, brushed, or flamed.

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These products, which are made from stone blocks, have a uniform thickness, and their surface is processed according to the final effect desired. The sawn sides can be processed in the same way as... More
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The risers on the top surface and any external heads may be flamed, shiny, smooth or polished. An integral part of the steps, the risers are used to cover the vertical part. Usually rises and... More
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Clogs with processed surfaces, which are instead derived from blocks, are uniform in terms of thickness: The finishing of the surfaces of any external sides may be carried out by flaming, coating,... More
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This is a thick product that allows the assembly of steps and risers together thanks to its considerable thickness. These elements are available in different finishes and surfaces depending on... More

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