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ALPS STONES: noble natural stones, coming from the Alps

Odorizzi soluzioni in pietra wanted to put close to Porphyry, our core business, a complete range of stones, taking their origin from the Alps mountain range: Luserna, Granite and Gneiss stones.

As for Porphyry, such stones perfectly suit application in exterior locations, thanks to great durability and versatility; all available in different color shades – both with natural, flamed and brushed surface – to combine with any architectural style, ranging from the most rustic to the most contemporary one.


Odorizzi soluzioni in pietra is an ideal partner for landscaping world.


It applies to most relevant designers and international contractors, by designing and realizing fine and contemporary outdoor spaces (also when “turn key” projects are required) with the goal of offering the best design ever, “made in Italy” is able to propose.

A team made up of specialists in design, production and realization of outdoor spaces, all sharing a unique and real passion: beauty and “nature minded” approach, for the future of landscape sorrounding us.

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