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Porphyry : “nature-minded” approach, between creativity and design freedom

Porphyry is a passion, a material that comes intact from the nature, more specifically from the mountains, and which is intended for those who, apart from loving it, are able to understand its peculiarity, appreciate its differences and exalt its millenary force that has strengthened over the time.

Porphyry is extraneous to any homologation; every tiny irregularity or different nuance in colors, is the fruit of centuries of activity, which gives a unique character, to each single piece, through its strength.

Embracing this passion means rediscovering the taste for unique, particular, inimitable, because -as the great Antoni Gaudì used to state : “Originality means going back to the origin…”.

Porphyry makes possible – through its wide-ranging products (cobbles, crazy paving, tiles, cladding, staircases…) and finishing details (natural-, flamed-, brushed-, honed surface and so on) – for highest level of creativity and design freedom, to be applied : from traditional- to rustic- or contemporary style, in combination with other natural stones and/or tech materials.



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