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Splitflexis a porphyry clean chipping with gradation 3/6 or 2/4, which is recommended for natural stone flooring such as setts, cobbles, thick paving stones suitable for both light and heavy traffic areas.


  • Easy to use, just lay it out and then proceed.
  • Draining: the grouting maintains its feature despite rain or sudden downpours.
  • If joints have to be draining, Splitflex drains the water thoroughly. It is thus advisable to create water collection points in the rocky soil.
  • It gives the flooring a good flexibility and absorbs adjustment effects avoiding cracks or microcracks.
  • No need to beat the setts the same day; possibility to work on big surfaces.
  • Suitable for 2/4 joints.

Splitflex can be used individually, also in case of dampness. It just has to be laid down on the base before proceeding.

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