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Betonflex is a one-pack glue made of cement, selected
sands, resins and special additives. Mix it with water just before application. It will turn into an anti-slip cement mortar, very flexible and deformable, easy to work and highly frost-resistant. It is ideal for any size of tile and thickness up to1,5 cm.


  • Universal application.
  • Exterior and interior paving.
  • Frost-resistant.
  • Can be laid on pre-existing paving.
  • Excellent bond and flexibility.
  • Highly deformable.

Accurately clean the base from any trace of oil, fat, paint or foreign items, then pour the water and mix it slowly with the product until it turns into a smooth mixture. Apply a thin and homogeneous layer of glue on the surface in order to obtain an uniform absorption and to exploit all the setting time (30 minutes). Proceed with the tiles installation and press to favour the contact with the glue. For big-sized tiles, double spread for external installation to avoid frost consequences.

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