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Colorfuga is a mortar to be prepared with water when needed. The result is a sealant for natural stones tiles and other kinds of material. It is suggested both for indoor and outdoor when you need something really quick (for example: swimming pools, terraces, flat roofs, balconies, airports, bars/restaurants, shopping centres, private houses, ...).


  • High resistance to pressure.
  • Colors are UV proof.
  • Very quick.
  • The final result is firm and waterproof.

When used on stones or absorbing materials try it first on a small area to check if you can clean it out to avoid spots. If necessary pre-treat the surface with the spotless product Maskstone. Do not use it in expansion joints or in moveable parts. Fill in the spaces completely using a gum spatula and avoiding empty spaces or hollows. Clean out the excess product immediately.
Colorfuga is available in 29 colors. After 10-12 days if sealant marks are still visible clean them with Cleanstone.

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