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Cemfuga is a ready to use grout (XF4) to be used with natural stone flooring. Cemfuga is frostproof (XF3), anti-frost-salt-proof (XF4) and is highly resistant (C30/37/XF4). Excellent working properties and quick hardening allow a quick cleaning.

Use Cemfuga with sand and cement for all those applications where you need

  • more flexibility and resistance to the grout support after hardening
  • use it on heavy trafficked streets especially when natural stone is employed

How to prepare it:
(1) Cemfuga has to be mixed with water (4.5 l/bag) for at least 3 mins using suitable equipment until you get a fluid compound
(2) Pour it in the spaces between blocks with a gum spatula. It is possible to fill in very deep spaces with the first coat
(3) After it hardens wash the surface with a light water jet. Remove the exceed grout with sawdust. Finally clean the floor thoroughly.

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