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Technical consultancy

The technical office carries out a wide range of activities in order to assist the customer in all phases of the business relationship, developing the best solution both in terms of materials to be used and from a design standpoint. Thanks to collaboration with the internal laboratory, it is possible to achieve special finishes which allow methods of installation which differ from traditional ones.

In site installation

Depending upon the customer’s requirements, the service can be provided directly by the Group  which, through its members, provides a “turnkey” fitting service, under the constant control of the Odorizzi Group. Layers are selected according to very meticulous criteria which are based upon experience and on works carried out and supervised by Odorizzi and, further, teams of layers are differentiated according to each one’s particular specialisation.


Collaboration with a number of reliable partners makes it possible to reach customers quickly anywhere in the world.

Materials research

A network of well-established contacts in the areas of major interest allows all types of requirements to be met, from the most common to the most particular and customised.

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