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Corso del Popolo - Rovigo

The new Corso del Popolo is much more than just a road, indeed following the important project of urban upgrading which involved the entire surrounding area, the road took on the strategic role of connecting artery between the squares that, in turn, lead to spaces and neighbourhoods of the city of Rovigo. This allowed the city to take back communal spaces, improving social conditions and enhancing its prestigious monuments, too.
The Odorizzi Group, through the company Adarte, took part in this important development by supplying and laying the natural stone flooring.


The Stonevolution ® solutions devised by Odorizzi offer an innovative alternative to the traditional way of thinking and constructing natural stone flooring and cladding.
They include the best possible combination of stone and ad hoc building materials for the delivery of “turnkey” work, in its various possible declinations: roads and squares of high, medium and low vehicle access; cladding for buildings; hanging gardens; flooring and cladding for any indoor environment, including delicate well-being environments; as well as restoration and upgrading works of historical town centres.

Porphyry Camparta blocks, used in the construction of flooring, have been sealed using a mono-component polyurethane resin which allows natural stone vehicle access flooring to be built also using heavy goods vehicles. The sealant is of little cosmetic impact and relatively simple to apply manually in the gaps between the blocks. The strong points of using this sealant, as well as setting rapidly in 24 hours (as opposed to the 15/20 days taken by cement grout sealant), are the absorption of dilations and vibrations, as well as deadening the noise of traffic.

Design data:

Supplier: Odorizzi Group through the company Adarte Srl
Products used: 4,000 square meters of Camparta ®porphyry cubes sealed by Splitflex® and Flexyfuga® polymer

3,600 square metres of Trentinian red, Zirezol and Verdelho slabs

1,300 m of Trentinian red curb

700 m of grey shaped trachyte

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