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piazzale cubetti DSC 6093 14763 slide
Cubes are pavement elements that are almost of a cubic shape obtained by mechanical splitting. The product therefore has natural surfaces or with slits (depending on the material) and split sides.... More
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What is normally meant by a Palladian is an irregular slab directly selected from material at a quarry. These polygonal slabs have a natural surface, variable thickness and rough sides. They are... More
piastrelle tranciate tranciato slide
Natural or flamed surface tiles which come from squaring slabs extracted from quarries, which are processed or mechanically compressed (by shearing), thus creating splits that are orthogonal to the... More
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Natural surface tiles, which come from squaring slabs extracted from a quarry, are processed by sawing with diamond tipped discs, creating perfectly square and smooth sides. Generally, the tiles... More
Tiles with the processed surfaces resulting from the cutting of blocks extracted from a number of quarries which have smooth sizes and thicknesses. The tiles are sawn and the surface is worked on... More

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