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These articles may have a natural surface, if obtained from quarry floor slabs of various sizes and thicknesses and machined surfaces, if sawed from blocks.

A natural surface. These natural products may have slit or sawn sides. The first are obtained by selecting the thickness and mechanical shearing. Seconds are instead obtained by sawing the sheets and performing a further calibration of the visible sides so as to obtain a more uniform thickness.

A machined surface. These products, contrary to articles with natural surfaces, are uniform in terms of thickness (with the exception of semi-gloss products), and their surface is machined by flaming, coating, sanding or polishing, depending on the desired final effect. The sawn sides can be treated with the same machining of the surfaces and shaped where required with a bull or half bull profile. Products with natural surfaces and thickness are suitable for external stairs, gardens, and walls, where the degree of finishing is rather rustic and with acceptable tolerances. Products with natural surface, but with measurements adjusted by machining, are suitable for effective external application solutions which enhance the physical properties of the material without alterating its original state. Products with machined surfaces are more refined and elaborate, and they are ideal for high-quality applications, both for external use (for which we recommend the flamed type) and interiors (for which we recommend flamed, glossy, honed, polished and smoothed types, semilucidato, lucidato ed il levigato).

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