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wetstone, natural stone treatment

WETSTONE | Natural stone treatment


Protective and with a wet look

What it is used for

Wetstone is a protective product that gives a wet look. It completely takes care of natural stone absorption and maintenance problems. After aging the product prevents the absorption of liquids, leaving good transpiration of treated material and also giving a wet look. It is also ideal for areas that have been hammered, flamed, polished, or sanded (treatments that significantly increase the absorption and the ease with which they can become dirty).

Strong points

• Excellent penetration of substrates.

• High chemical resistance to water, solvents, alkalis and chemicals in general.

• Ideal also on non-shiny surfaces (hammered, flamed, polished, sanded, etc.).

• Gives stone a wet and pleasant toning.

• Guaranteed protection for years.

• Repels water and dirt.

How to use the product

Wetstone must not be diluted. It can only be applied on dry surfaces, also in depth, in order to allow complete polymerization of the substances contained in the product. Wash with a Cleanstone scrubbing brush. After washing, wait until the substrate has completely dried, remove dust deposits and proceed with the treatment. Shake the container before use, pour into a bowl and dip a suitable medium pile roller (with solvents resistant fabric) into it. Wetstone must be rolled strongly for a long time, so as to allow the wetting of the pores in depth, and rolling must be crossed several times, taking care to treat the surface in the same each time the roller is used.

Types of stone recommended

All natural stone you wish to give a wet look to


Strictly depends on the porosity of the stone: approximately 5 m2 / litre

Surfaces on which it application is recommended

Shiny surfaces, polished surfaces

Standard product:
Code Description
S-WETSTONE-LT1 Aestethic waterproof treatment, transpiring and for matt rough surface natural stone
Resistance degrees and regulation:
Frost Compression Splipping Absorption Abrasion






Consumption0,2-0,4 lt/m2
Standard packaging20 x 1 liter bottles

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Product line:
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