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waxstonemat, natural stone treatment

WAXSTONEMAT | Natural stone treatment


Protective aesthetic with a semi-shiny effect

What it is used for

Waxstone lux is a formulated emulsion which waterproofs stone surfaces on which it is applied, simultaneously giving them a shiny finish. It is often used to obtain an aesthetic and waterproofing treatment for paving made of absorbing stone where a shiny, only slightly toned effect is required. It is used by those who prefer products for finishing without solvents, and therefore very little environmental impact.

Strong points

• Gives a natural effect to the original surface of the stone

• Very versatile, can be used on all types of stone

• It is an ecological solvent free

• It also absorbs where ventilation conditions are not optimal

• Gives a very nice shiny effect

How to use the product


For personal safety, you should wear boots, protective clothing and a pair of hard wearing rubber gloves. Equipment: a triangular scraper, jute rags for paving and if possible, a single brush machine with abrasive fibre discs and a liquids suction device. Pour Waxstone lux, pure or diluted with one part water, onto the paving and brush in areas of 12-15 m2 at a time, vigorously brushing with a sorghum brush or with a buffing machine equipped with a special disk. When the product has acted and dissolved loose debris, it will be transformed into a thick mush. Remove the residues with rags and rinse the treated area (if you have a liquid-suction device it is easier).

Types of stone recommended

All natural stones


Indicative yield of 7-10 m2 / litre

Surfaces on which it application is recommended

Unpolished surfaces

Standard product:
Code Description
S-WAXSTONEMAT-LT5 Dry aestethic semi-polishing protective treatment for indoor installation
Resistance degrees and regulation:
Frost Compression Splipping Absorption Abrasion






Consumption20-25 kg/m2
Standard packaging4 x 6 liters cans

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Product line:
* pictures are purely demonstrative

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