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drystone, natural stone treatment

DRYSTONE | Natural stone treatment


Consolidating anti-dust and stain resistant substance for clear stones

What it is used for

Drystone is a stain resistant product that is used as an invisible protective agent for marble, granite, porphyry and other kinds of stone surfaces that are more or less absorbent. It is a formulation based on low molecular weight oligomers with functional change characteristics when dissolved in water-alcohol solution. After aging, the product absorbs aqueous and oily liquids, thus protecting the surface from attack by aggressive substances.

Normally it does not alter the appearance of the surface and thus retains natural colours (disappearing effect).



Strong points

• Does not alter surface appearance (disappearance effect)

• High chemical resistance to water, solvents, alkalis and chemicals in general

• Gives high level protection against surface stains

• Do not make films

• It is also excellent on tables and kitchen floors and sills

• Ready to use: do not dilute

• impregnates, protects and makes cleaning easier

How to use the product

Drystone must be applied to surfaces thoroughly cleaned from dust, dirt or other materials, but which are not necessarily dry. The best application method is to pour a small amount of Drystone on the surface and spread with a clean cloth. Any product applied in excess (drops) have to be spread evenly with a cloth. For polished surfaces it is necessary to hand polish with a clean cloth when the product is dry, but not for more than 10 minutes. Note that with an increasing substrate temperature the drying time of the product decreases, as well as the time in which polishing must be carried out.

Recommended use


Types of stone on which its use is recommended

All natural stones


Strictly depends on the porosity of the stone, ranging from 30 to 50 m2 / litre

Surfaces on which it application is recommended

Shiny surfaces, polished surfaces

Standard product:
Code Description
S-DRYSTONE-LT1 Stainproof and acidproof invisible waterproofer for natural stone
Resistance degrees and regulation:
Frost Compression Splipping Absorption Abrasion






Consumption20 m2 per liter
Standard packaging20 x 1 liter bottles

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Product line:
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