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cleanstone, natural stone treatment

CLEANSTONE | Natural stone treatment


Acidic detergent for unpolished natural stone

What it is used for

Cleanstone is used for the final washing of paving and natural stone surfaces: processing residues, efflorescence, grout overspills, and dirt. The product has a medium acidity level and allows scaling without strongly attacking the stonework, especially cement and metal parts.

Strong points

• Does not emit harmful fumes to the operator and the environment

• It does not alter the appearance and the colour of the stone

• Cleans without attacking

• Will not damage joints, aluminium profiles and steel elements (hoods, ducts)

• It is very versatile: it is used on all types of stone

• Cleans and descales

How to use the product

The product must be diluted. Apply two coats of Cleanstone at a minimum of 6 hour intervals on clean and dry paving laid at least 30 days beforehand. Dilute the product with water in a ratio of 1:5 to 1:10 depending on the stone and the surface. The treatment thus obtained can be walked on not earlier than 24 hours at 20 °C. The preferred application method is undoubtedly the Mop applicator in order to prevent the formation of excessive foaming in the finishing phase. For large areas you can apply it using a low pressure spray followed by sweeping with an applicator


Indicative yield of 20-35 m2 / litre

Surfaces on which it application is recommended

Unpolished surfaces

Types of stone recommended

All natural stones

Standard product:
Code Description
S-CLEANSTONE-LT1 Acid cleanser for non polished natural stone
Resistance degrees and regulation:
Frost Compression Splipping Absorption Abrasion






Consumption0,1-0,15 lt/m2
Standard packaging20 x 1 liter bottles

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Product line:
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