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Clean crushed 2/4 porphyry stone

What it is used for

Splitflex is a clean crushed porphyry stone which is free of earthy material and has a 4/8 or 2/4 particle size recommended for laying of natural stone of the following types: cubes, pebbles, insets, paving blocks, suitable for a light and busy vehicular traffic.

Strong points

• Easy to use: just spread it on and then start the laying operations.

• it assists drainage: can maintain the properties of bedding in the rain and sudden downpours.

• If the joints also have drainage, Splitflex lets water pass through to the bottom; it is appropriate to provide collection points for water in the substrate with the possibility of eliminating paving manhole covers.

• Gives the paving a good level of elasticity and mitigates any substrate settlement effects.

• There is no need to pound the paving on the same day. It allows you to level very large parts of the surface.

• Suitable for clogging up 2/4 joints.



How to use the product

Splitflex is used on its own. It can also be used in humid conditions without affecting paving compacting time. It is simply laid on the substrate and then laying can commence

Recommended use

Excellent for paving roadways with high traffic use where immediate access to the underground facilities is required, and wherever it is useful to reuse pavement elements (roads with a frequency of excavations, petrol stations, etc.)

Application guidelines

Urban furnishing, refurbishment of historic centres


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