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Stain resistant pads for stones

What it is used for

Maskstone is recommended for protecting surfaces of absorbent material (marble, sandstone, quartz sandstone, etc.) from coloured cement mixes stains and during grouting. The formulation is balanced so as to become and remain effective for a short time, allowing the cleaning of stone without compromising the adhesion of the grout. Maskstone does not alter the appearance of the surface that retains its natural colour values (disappearance effect).

Strong points

• Facilitates grouting

• Water-based: more ecological treatment and working time drastically reduced as it can be applied to surfaces with residual humidity.

• Prevents efflorescence.

• Do not form a surface film.

• Beautiful natural effect: it does not alter the appearance

• It is completely non-toxic.

How to use the product

This product must not be diluted. Maskstone can be applied on surfaces that are not necessarily dry but where dust, dirt and other material deposits have been completely removed. The best method to apply it is using a clean sponge soaked in the product so as to better treat the upper surface of the stone. Maskstone is applied using a roller, brush or spray, ensuring the tools used are perfectly clean. Any product applied in excess (drops falling from the nozzle of a spray) must be removed immediately or spread uniformly with a cloth. The product should be applied 4-6 hours before grouting is carried out. It is best to clean the stone when the grout is still soft.

Types of stone recommended

All natural stone, above all porous stone (marble, sandstone, etc.).


Indicative yield of 15-20 m2 / litre

Surfaces on which it application is recommended

Shiny surfaces, polished surfaces

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