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Drystone is an anti-spot invisible protecting product used for marbles, granite, porphyry and other kinds of stones. It is made of oligomers with a low molecular weight melted in a hydroalcholic solution. The product is able to protect the surface from the attack of aggressive materials. It does not usually modify the colors of the surface (vanishing effect).


  • Does not modify the physical aspect (vanishing effect).
  • Extremely resistant to water, solvent, alkali and chemical agents.
  • It gives the surface a very high protection against spots.
  • Does not create any film.
  • Excellent also on tables, windowsills and kitchen tops.
  • Ready to use.
  • Soaking, protecting and simplifies the cleaning.

Drystone must be applied on clean and not necessarily dry surfaces. The best way to proceed is by pouring a little Drystone on the surface and distribute it with a clean cloth. Exceeding product must be distributed with the cloth. On shiny surfaces it is better to polish it as soon as the product is dry/within 10 mins. Please note that the higher the surface temperature is, the quicker the product dries.

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Beschreibung: Glänzender Schutz für Naturstein im Innenbereich
Beschreibung: Glänzender Schutz für Naturstein im Innenbereich
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